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Sita Mata at Sita Samahit Temple Bhadohi Sitamarhi

Deep daan

     The local inhabitants believe that if deeps (earthen lamps) of Ghee or Mustard oil are lit in the temple for fifteen or thirty days, their wishes are fulfilled, so hundreds of deeps are lit every day, adding to the beauty and religious significance of this place.

    In the campus of the main temple an ancient temple of Maa Sita also exists. People have deep faith and reverence for this temple. It is said that desired wishes of the people who light a lamp here are fulfilled. Large number of pilgrims come here and light lamps with Ghee or mustard oil. Hundreds of lamps are lit every day for 15 or 30 days as committed and the wishes are fulfilled with the divine blessing of Maa Sita. People from far and wide come with faith and Maa Sita blesses them.

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