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Shri Sita Samahit Sthal Manokamna Purti Puja

  • Protection from Negative Forces
  • Happiness in family life
  • Getting a Desired Life Partner 
  • Financial Progress in Life
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About Puja

1) Manokamna Purti Puja

Manokamna Purti Puja is a Vedic ritual performed by our experienced Pandits at Sita Samhita Mandir to fulfill all your desires.

2) Shringar Aarti Puja

The Shringar Aarti Puja is a captivating and deeply devotional ceremony honoring Maa Sita at the sacred Sita Samahit Mandir. Witness the arca-vigraha of Maa Sita transformed with exquisite adornments, accompanied by prayers and offerings.

3) Deep Daan Puja

Deep Daan, also known as diya daan, is a simple yet powerful ritual offered at the Sita Samahit Mandir. It involves lighting a lamp (diya) filled with oil and a wick, and offering it with prayers and reverence.

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